Tulp Double Late Dream Touch x7 12/+s

EAN: 8719075299777

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Afname per 10
EAN 8719075299777
Siezoen Höst
Serie Double Late Tulips
Standplaats Half zon - Half Schaduw
Inhoud 7 BULBS
Maat 12/+ cm
Hoogte 40-50 cm
Plant afstand 10 cm
Plant diepte 10 cm
Plant tijd 9-12
Extra omschrijving Introducing Dream Touch Double Late Tulips, where fantasy meets floral elegance in your garden. Like dreams woven into the delicate threads of a dreamcatcher, these tulips whisper tales of eternal love and royal splendor. Imagine yourself strolling through a royal garden, surrounded by the majestic beauty of wine-colored blooms. Dream Touch tulips boast velvety petals in rich rose-purple hues, adorned with a delicate trim of pure white—a regal combination fit for a queen. As these tulips unfurl into massive peony-like flowers, they unveil a pristine white base, adding an extra layer of opulence to their already enchanting presence. Whether gracing a garden bed, making a statement in a container, or serving as the focal point in an indoor arrangement, Dream Touch tulips command attention with their grandeur and grace. Indulge your senses and elevate your garden to royal heights with Dream Touch Double Late Tulips. Let their captivating beauty transport you to a realm where fairy tales come to life and every moment feels like a cherished dream. Order now and make your garden the enchanted kingdom of your imagination.

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