With immense pride, Sam van Schooten B.V. affirms its commitment to hard work by achieving certification under the esteemed MPS-Florimark TraceCert standard. In an era where authenticity and openness are expected from businesses by today's consumers, we understand the profound importance of honesty and transparency.

Genuine transparency is a collaborative effort, where each link in the chain plays an integral role. This philosophy finds expression in the MPS-Florimark label, a testament to the dedication of growers, traders, and auctions alike. As custodians of quality and reliability, Sam van Schooten B.V. aligns itself with this shared objective.

MPS-Florimark Trade, a cornerstone of this commitment, meticulously assesses trading companies based on the twin pillars of quality and reliability. This distinction is further delineated through three distinct sub-certifications, of which MPS-Florimark TraceCert holds a prominent position. This certification attests to our unwavering dedication to traceability within the realm of flowers and plants.

At Sam van Schooten B.V., our legacy is intertwined with this steadfast promise of transparency and accountability. The MPS-Florimark TraceCert certification stands as evidence of our relentless pursuit of excellence, a reflection of our values, and a symbol of trust for our discerning clientele.

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